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Established in 1983

We have continued to evolve and we are now a leading tool manufacturer with high quality, advanced technology and innovative product development. Our range has been continuously expanded to include locking pliers, tile cutting machines and their accessories as well an ever-widening range of high quality, professionally and carefully manufactured specialised tools.

We value consistency in our business relationships so follow a simple but consistent path:

Care in quality: We have a carefully managed and consistent QC policy and only ever supply top quality products.

Consistent standards: Our products are created to comply with TUV, GS and CE standards... and where required, they are also designed and manufactured to meet CNS, ANSI, DIN as well as any special client or industry related requirements.

Continuous progress: Ongoing investment and innovation combine with our focus on quality for an ever stringer future.

Valuing relationships: Long term customer satisfaction is assured by competitive pricing, consistent quality and reliable delivery-in harmony with good communication.

We are confident to meet our customer's excellent quality and professional services.

Future growth: All of the above continue to combine and ensure our business growth is assured and that our abilities will continue to expand to meet ever higher market demand.



Computer Servo Type Universal Testing Machine

Standard: ISO 7500/1, EN1002-2, ASTM E4, JIS B7721/B7733, CNS 9471/9471...etc.
Description: This tester is designed specially for tensile strength elongation tearing Adhesive stress-strain peeling shearing---Function of yield point elasticity modulus Young's modulus grinding modulus Puncture...etc. are also available.

1. Yield Point & Yield Strength
2. 0.2 Offset Yield & Yield Strength
3. Stress KG/mm²
4. Percent Elongation
5. Energy
6. Break Modulus
7. ltimate Value
8. Break Value
9. Deformation 1 (Load-Elongation)
10.Deformation 2 (Elongation-Load)
11.X-Y Diagrams
12.X-T Diagrams
13.Compare Diagrams
14.Average Value
15.Standard Deviation



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